My process starts with understanding who we’re making stuff for. Demographics are great, but I want to know how people feel. Emotions drive connection. One of the best tools for reaching an audience at that level is storytelling.

Most of the time my ideas start with visuals. I think in photos and sequences. Storyboarding is usually where I start. I’m an editor at heart. I love putting the story together first then form a plan around how we accomplish things.

Cancel all the meetings and get a good night’s rest – shoot days are special. I’m a calm director who makes quick decisions. The research and planning done during pre-production sets things up to run smoothly. While on set I think like an editor, making sure shots will sequence and we’re hitting the right tone.

I might be weird but I think editing is the best part of a project. Just like in pre-production I love seeing a vision come to fruition. I live by Walter Murch’s rules of editing. Number 1 being cut for the emotion. In the end I hope to have a piece that makes people feel something.