“I don’t mean to brag / I don’t mean to boast / But I’m intercontinental when I eat French toast.” – Beastie Boys

Short films, branded content, commercials, promos, even tutorials. It’s how brands are talking to people. Copy points aren’t enough. People need to feel what your brand is about. Choosing the right angles, lighting, sound, and editing can make or break a piece. That’s where professionals like me come in. For the last 14 years I’ve been helping brands make that emotional connection with audiences. 

Having me be a part of your team not only gives you a video production pro; you get a strategist. Every camera move, motion graphic, and cut I make has a reason. Drive the story forward while allowing the audience to feel something. Let’s make some good stuff together.   


I grew up skateboarding in Charleston, SC. Filming and shooting photos of my friends skating led me to the media arts program at the University of South Carolina. After graduating I found work writing, shooting, and editing promos & commercials for TV stations.


Currently, I’m living & working in Denver, Colorado with my beautiful wife, Doris.