Successful brands are using every medium to tell their story and talk with people about what their company/organization does and how it will improve their lives. It’s my job to craft that story and conversation in the most compelling way. It can be as simple as a well-done photo on Instagram to a highly produced video series on Facebook Watch or YouTube. The content brands make reflects what they stand for. A legendary TV anchor in Savannah told me you have to go out there and win the trust of each person one at a time. It might sound old school but, that’s the way brands should treat social media. Here are some successful examples of what I’ve done on social media.

Insight: Breakdown

A breakdown in mental health services across the state of Colorado has left law enforcement on the front lines of handling people in crisis. We spent more than a year gathering stories from all over the state showing the often-tragic interactions between the criminal justice system and people who are suffering a mental health crisis. "Insight With John Ferrugia: Breakdown" premieres January 30 at 7pm on Rocky Mountain PBS.

Posted by Rocky Mountain PBS on Friday, January 24, 2020

Fall color in Colorado

The October snow. The cold. The wind. The changing weather conditions all combined to take some color out of the Colorado landscape- especially in metro Denver.WATCH THIS and keep it on hand when you want some beauty in your world.

Posted by Rocky Mountain PBS on Monday, October 21, 2019